I was called one evening by "Magazine Solutions," a subscription sales company. I had recently sent in a renewal for a magazine to the magazine company.

I did not realize that they send my name, phone number, and other information to this other company. I mistakenly thought I was dealing with the magazine.

I renewed my subscription for what I thought was one year. I then got a confirmation letter in the mail for a multi-year subscription!

I called the number listed on the letter and was given another number. I called that one and told them I wanted to cancel my subscription.

The person said I couldn't cancel, and they have a recording of me saying I wanted the subscription. I am pissed!!

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Franklin Furnace, Ohio, United States #799305

They did the same thing to my mother in law. She has advanced Parkinson's Disease & they took full advantage of that fact.

She has been charged over $700.00 over the last few years. I finally talked her into changing her bank account so they couldn't take anymore money.

They continue to call and harass her. However, they're not going to get anymore money!


I received a call from them too. Initially there was no problem, proper amount was deducted from checking account then 4 months later the same man called asking me for my debit card numbers for verification.

He said, "we're having trouble running this card as it comes up with another name. This will only take a minute." I refused to give him my card numbers. He kept insisting there was a problem. I told him, "Read the numbers to me and I'll tell you if they're correct." Ah-ha, he didn't have the numbers; just the last four with my expiration date.

I hung up and looked for the mailed confirmation. When I found it, their number was on the receipt. Upon calling, the same man answered the phone and denied it when confronted.

This company uses dishonest tactics when calling subscribers. Beware.

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